Hi, I’m Nils – a frontend developer with a background in industrial design and a passion for software. I aim to explore where the physical and digital world meet. To enable new experiences.

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I'm currently a frontend developer at EnergyZero, where we're building a software platform for energy suppliers of the future.

I'm spending most of my time working on a white-label mobile application built with React Native. This newly built app is gradually rolling out to most of our 15+ labels and is available to 200.000 of their customers.

Whitelabel mobile app
Customer onboarding funnel
Vendor Dashboard

Ace & Tate

This is Ace & Tate, and they make glasses. The goal is simple, to make a positive impact on the eyewear industry by making well-designed, quality eyewear, accessible to everyone.

In my role as frontend developer at Ace & Tate, my team and I were responsible for anything frontend, primarily working on two projects:

  • The e-commerce store, shipping to 20 countries globally

  • The web-based retail POS, used in over 80 stores across Europe

I've worked on tons of features, bugs and improvements for our web store. I've spearheaded the development of our internal design system and played a major role in shaping the tech stack we use for the new POS.

POS - Configurator View
Store Finder
Collection Page with dynamic Shopstory blocks
Homepage built with Shopstory


At VanBerlo (now part of Accenture) I took my first steps towards a full-time career as a software developer. As more and more products require a digital component since the 2010's, I was asked to work on several projects for VanBerlo's clients. Here I've been able to use my prior product design experience, while growing my expertise building great software projects. At VanBerlo I've built software of different levels of complexity, for a variety of clients. Usually integrating with some kind of physical product.

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